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Facial Treatments

60 minute Dermalogica Facial                                                                                £38.00

Our treatment includes double cleanse, exfoliation, massage (massage includes face, head and shoulders) With this treatment we are using many of our Dermalogica specific products to target your skins needs.


                                         45 minute facial, cleanse, massage, deep steam,                                           £28.50

                                               mask and moisturising 

                                         60 minute Milia facial (White spots)                                                                       £38.00



Reiki is an energy healing system. It helps to balance the body, mind and soul. Aid’s relaxation and stress.


60 minute                                                                                                                          £35.00



The controlled exfoliation will leave skin thoroughly cleansed, fresh , firm, luminous and well oxygenated.


                              30 minute microdermabrasion with mask                                                                    £35.00

                              60 minute treatment with reviderm cell renewal products                                  £45.00


Genesis Ultrasound and Light Therapy

Both ultrasound and light therapy stand alone as an outstanding result driven treatment. When combined with their effect on skin maximized. The waves penetrate deeply into the skin increasing blood flow, plumping skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, tightening sagging skin and alleviating puffy eyes. You can see a big difference after only one treatment. 

One hour and 15 minutes treatment                                                                    £45.00




Non- Surgical Face Lift Treatment

The dermalift treatment excels in dealing with the signs of ageing, such as facial lines ad wrinkles.  It has the ability to reduce those tell-tale signs of ageing and bring back the natural glow and elasticity that is associated with youthful skin.

                                         One 1 hour and 15 minutes treatment                                                                  £45.00

                                        Course of 10 treatment                                                                                                 £420.00

                                        Add a microdermabrasion treatment for only                                                   £25.00 extra


Body Treatments

Aromatherapy, excellent for inducing relaxation and reducing muscular tension and stress. Essential oils are used to suit the client’s needs.

30 minute back & neck aromatherapy                                                                 £28.00

60 minute full body/face aromatherapy                                                             £38.00

45 minute back/neck/face & scalp                                                                         £33.00


Reflexology, the study of reflexes where all areas of the body are mapped out on the feet. Also good for stress.

60 minute reflexology                                                                                                   £38.00


Swedish massage is an invigorating massage using vegetable oil to help manipulate and break down fat. Improves circulation, also good for tension.

30 minute massage                                                                                                        £28.00

60 minute massage                                                                                                        £38.00

                                          Half & Half 

                                          30 min back and neck aromatherapy  

                                          30 min reflexology 

                                          Time 60 min                                                                                                                      £38.00

                                          (This treatment cannot be altered)


Hot Stone Therapy

Extremely relaxing using warm hot stones to caress the body inducing a deep sense of calm

                                         45 minute hot stones & neck                                                                                     £33.00

                                         75 minute full body hot stones                                                                                 £43.00

                                         90 minute hot stones therapy with Indian head massage                           £50.00


Indian Head Massage

Excellent for tension

Massage includes back, top of arms, neck, face and scalp.

60 minute treatment                                                                                                  £38.00


Hoppi Ear Candles


(Alternative to syringing)


Depilex Physique


INCHES LOST after one 15-minute session (5-8 inches lost in first session)


                                               1 treatment only                                                                                                       £20.00

                                              Course of 10 treatments                                                                                        £180.00

(Saving of £20)

Treatments can be paid as you go along

Maintenance (2-4 weeks)                                                                                       £18.00

  • The effortless way of toning and reshaping the body

  • Achieve the shape you have always wanted

  • Fantastic results

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